April 15, 2020 – Triage: Maintaining a Catholic Ethic in Difficult Times

https://christmedicus.org/triage-maintaining-catholic-ethic-in-difficult-times/ The COVID-19 Coronavirus has been challenging. One challenge has been determining how scarce medical resources are allocated among patients, particularly when the patients outnumber the available resources. The process of determining how different medical situations are prioritized, and then applying care and resources to people in those situations, is known as triage. The goal…


March 25, 2020 – Points to Consider: Triage in the Perspective of Catholic Bioethics

https://ncbcstore.org/ncbc-resources-for-covid19/triage-in-the-perspective-of-catholic-bioethics?fbclid=IwAR35oT8g7Gbbv-nmkczhqPJATmUzbVaE0pPfZ7ByPSJFQMejN9A7NYGf5nU Over the past several months, the virus causing COVID-19 disease has been spreading silently throughout the world, infecting hundreds of thousands of people. COVID-19 already has killed over eighteen thousand people worldwide, and it threatens to hospitalize and kill countless more as well as to overwhelm systems of health care delivery. As the pandemic…