What We Do

Saint John Paul II Persecution Project

ICOLF interfaces with international scholars, experts, and government officials to build strategies to assist persecuted Christians around the globe.

The book “Persecution and Genocide of Christians in the Middles East: Prevention, Prohibition, and Persecution (Angelico Press: 2018)” edited by Ronald Rychlak and Jane Adolphe, is the result of an international meeting, in 2016, organized by ICOLF, and held at Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Florida.

An international expert meeting on Sub-Saharan Africa, in March 2020, created synergies that produced a working group on the persecution of Christians, the development of proposals and initiatives, some of which resulted in government assistance to persecuted Christians in Africa.

An expert international meeting on the persecution of Christians in the courts, in 2015, resulted in the book “Equality and Non-discrimination: Catholic Roots, Current Challenges,” (Pickwick: 2019) edited by Jane Adolphe, Robert Fastiggi, and Michael Vacca.

Pope Benedict XVI Formation Project

ICOLF gathers Catholic scholars to study various aspects of clerical sexual misconduct.

The book “Clerical Sexual Misconduct: An Interdisciplinary Analysis” (Cluny: 2020) edited by Jane Adolphe and Ronald Rychlak is the outcome document of an interdisciplinary group of scholars that met to address clerical sexual abuse of adolescent boys, seminarians, and young male adults, following media reports of clerical sexual abuse and its cover-up by priests, bishops, and cardinals in Chile, Honduras, and the United States.

ICOLF continues to work on various aspects of the theme and is looking forward to the publication of a second volume: “Clerical Sexual Misconduct: A Foundational Conversation,” in 2021, a dialogue between female and male philosophers and theologians, priests and lay persons, in the Church. A third volume will focus on the crisis of masculinity in the priesthood.

ICOLF promotes devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to assist in healing the wounds of those victimized and scandalized.

Saint Bakhita Anti-slavery Project

ICOLF works with experts and organizations to combat the kidnapping, rape, and sexual enslavement of Christian girls in countries, where Christianity is a minority religion. The phenomenon is often referred to as “forced marriage,” but the misnomer fails to grasp the egregious nature of the crimes of violence against these girls and their families.

Forum of Catholic Inspired NGOs (CINGOs)

ICOLF participates regularly in the Forum of CINGOs, sometimes with the assistance of law students from Ave Maria School of Law. ICOLF contributions in this regard are in order to assist the defense of life, the family, faith, and religious freedom in the international context. ICOLF seeks to refine the work of the FORUM so that it is truly advancing on the solid foundation of the natural moral law. ICOLF bring our expertise as a research organization to challenge and refine the proposals of the Forum in light of the fulness of Catholic social teaching.

The first Forum was held 30 November to 2 December 2007 to explore ways to improve the impact of CINGOs within the United Nations system and other intergovernmental organizations, on the one hand, and to deepen relations between CINGOs and the Holy See, on the other hand.

Director of ICOLF, Dr. Jane Adolphe, delivered a keynote address to the 2010 Forum on “New Challenges for Catholic-Inspired Ngos in Light of Caritas in Veritate