MP joins call for China prayer campaign

May 12, 2021

Original article

An international coalition of lay Christians, including Australian MP Kevin Andrews, has launched a campaign to support a global prayer effort focusing on the persecuted and repressed in China. Source: UCA News.

The campaign, to run between May 23-30, was formed in response to Myanmar Cardinal Charles Bo’s “Call for Prayer for the “Church and Peoples of China,” in March.

Coalition members include US congressman Chris Smith, the UK’s Lord David Alton, Canadian parliamentarian Garnett Genuis, Kevin Andrews, Irish entrepreneur Declan Ganley, Canada’s former religious freedom envoy Andrew Bennett, Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Nina Shea, CSW’s expert Benedict Rogers, Ave Maria Law Professor Jane Adolphe, and others.

The campaign’s website – www.GlobalPrayerforChina.org– features resources for pastors, parishes, and individuals, including up-to-date information on the repression and persecution of Christians in China, as well as the genocide of the Uyghurs and others suffering atrocities and injustices throughout China. It includes profiles of individual prisoners of conscience and pastoral resources for prayers and homilies, as well as the text of Cardinal Bo’s call for prayer.

Campaign spokesperson Andrew Bennett said in a statement that Cardinal Bo had taken a very courageous and welcome step in calling on the Church around the world to pray for the Church and the peoples of China, and it is incumbent on Christians to respond to his call.

He said the group hoped that many individuals and parishes would take part in some way, through the Prayers of the Faithful during Mass and in personal, private prayer.