April 2020 – Book Reviews: Equality and Non-discrimination

Equality and Non-discrimination – Adolphe, Fastiggi, and Vacca https://www.hprweb.com/2020/04/book-reviews-april-2020/ Jane F. Adolphe, Robert L. Fastiggi, and Michael A. Vacca, eds. Equality and Non-discrimination: Catholic Roots, Current Challenges. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2019. 214 pages. Reviewed by Christopher Siuzdak. Political rhetoric has made much of the buzzwords equality and non-discrimination, but how are they properly conceptualized…


June 7, 2019 – Book review: ‘Equality and Non-Discrimination: Catholic Roots, Current Challenges’

https://acton.org/publications/transatlantic/2019/06/07/book-review-equality-and-non-discrimination-catholic-roots The book is highly recommended to anyone interested in the issue of equality and non-discrimination. Too much is at stake not to be informed about these key issues. Several of the chapters are powerful enough to warrant book-length treatments of their own. Professor Benson was right to say that not one in a hundred…


January 14, 2018 – Pope Repeats Call to Welcome Migrants

Pope Repeats Call to Welcome Migrants Pope Francis in his January 14, 2018, homily on World Day of Migrants and Refugees repeated his call for Christians to welcome migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. He referred to his message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees: “Every stranger who knocks at our door is an opportunity…