Don’t Ignore The Child’s Perspective On Gay Couples Commissioning Babies

Katy Faust The Federalist Jan 30, 2023 Original article Every week or so, another glossy article is published about a gay couple (or single) who has created children with the help of the ever-growing fertility industry. The latest: “Gay Men Increasingly Turn to Surrogates to Have Babies.” The article gives an emotional, sympathetic picture of…


July 23, 2020: Surrogacy: The Lithuanian and French parliaments rely on the work of the ECLJ

https://eclj.org/surrogacy/eu/le-parlement-lituanien-demande-linterdiction-internationale-de-la-gestation-par-autrui?lng=en At a time when, despite undeniable international awareness, many governments remain undecided in view of the strong pressures and the extremely lucrative nature of this market, the expression of strong political will can be decisive in abolishing surrogacy. Let us hope that the movement thus initiated will lead other European countries and lead to…


May 22, 2020: Babies in waiting FAMILY | Infants born to surrogates are stuck in Ukraine

https://world.wng.org/content/babies_in_waiting Some members of the Ukrainian parliament have renewed their calls to outlaw surrogacy services for foreigners. “Ukraine is just turning into an online store for little ones,” Nikolai Kuleba, a human rights official in the presidential administration, told the Times. Lyudmila Denisova, a human rights investigator for parliament, said the practice “can lead primarily…