May 27, 2019 – “Aborting Reason and Equality: A Religious Pro-Life Critique of Roe, Casey, and Abortion Rights Rhetoric”

https://www.law.uci.edu/lawreview/vol8/no4/Online_Smolin.pdf Thus, while certain laws or lawsuits may present the issue of a religious accommodation regarding abortion, such constellation of legal issues should not confuse the fundamental position of religion in American society as to the abortion issue. Pro-life religious beliefs are a call to inclusion of all human beings as deserving of recognition before…


May 23, 2018 – Open your eyes, pro-life feminists are everywhere

https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/23/opinions/pro-life-feminism-alvare-opinion/index.html [Helen Alvaré’s] work at WomenSpeakforThemselves.com, for example, includes women sharing information and stories about the harms women suffer from uncommitted sex and synthetic contraceptive hormones. They also report the richness of sex within a committed versus merely “consensual” sex framework. We hope to influence the next generation of women to understand that women deserve…


May 17, 2018 – Talk About a Human Rights Violation: How Heterologous Assisted Reproduction Harms Children and Violates International Human Rights Law

http://avemarialaw-international-law-journal.avemarialaw.edu/Content/ILJ/articles/Vacca.pdf Therefore, all heterologous ART is contrary to international human rights law, especially the anonymous sort. Thus, states have a legal duty to prohibit all techniques used to achieve this procedure, including in vitro fertilization using donor sperm or donor eggs.