November 19, 2018 – Church in Chile to sign accord with prosecutor’s office for investigation of abuse

https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/church-in-chile-to-sign-accord-with-prosecutors-office-for-investigation-of-abuse-68702 The Chilean  bishops’ conference has announced the signing of a collaboration agreement with the prosecutor’s office for the investigation of sex crimes within the Catholic Church. Bishop Luis Fernando Ramos Perez, auxiliary bishop of Santiago and secretary general of the bishops’ conference,  made the announcement at the conclusion of the bishops’ Nov. 12-16 plenary…


September 25, 2018 – Sex abuse scandal in German Catholic Church sparks celibacy debate / Report – Sexual abuse of minors by catholic priests, deacons and male members of orders in the domain of the German Bishops’ Conference

https://amp.dw.com/en/sex-abuse-scandal-in-german-catholic-church-sparks-celibacy-debate/a-45609846 German bishops have begun meeting in Fulda to discuss a study on widespread sex abuse by Catholic priests. Some are calling for celibacy to be overhauled, while others want the church to focus on victim compensation. and see: https://dbk.de/fileadmin/redaktion/diverse_downloads/dossiers_2018/MHG-Study-eng-Endbericht-Zusammenfassung.pdf