China’s ‘New Era’ and Our Response

Nina Shea National Catholic Register Oct 25, 2022 Original article COMMENTARY: Washington & Rome Must Not Surrender in the CCP’s War of Ideology If Vladimir Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons in Russia’s war against Ukraine is not worrisome enough, Communist Party-controlled China is entering what President Xi Jinping calls its “new era” — one…


The Chinese Christians Fighting for Hong Kong

Tim Scheiderer Providence Magazine Oct 5, 2022 Original article Why do Christians fight for freedom in Hong Kong? Why do many lead the charge? There is truth in the Bible. Truth in Christianity … compared to those who support authoritarian governments. They don’t believe there is truth in life. … they consider everything relative. And…


The Stakes of Cardinal Zen’s Trial

Nina Shea National Review September 27, 2022 Original article While Cardinal Zen is persecuted and held hostage by the Chinese government, the Vatican aims to renew its raw deal with the CCP. Hong Kong’s Cardinal Joseph Zen, and five others, were put on trial yesterday morning, 9:30 a.m. local time, at the West Kowloon Magistrates’…


Trial opens for Hong Kong’s Cardinal Joseph Zen

Elise Ann Allen Crux September 19, 2022 Original article ROME – On Monday, the trial against Chinese Cardinal Joseph Zen and five other defendants formally opened in Hong Kong, initiating highly controversial proceedings that could end in heavy fines or jail time, and which has been widely criticized as an attack against democracy. Zen, 90,…


China’s Forced Organ Harvesting Demands U.S. Response

Nina Shea & Katrina Lantos Swett RealClear Politics Original article American doctors go to great lengths to maintain the highest ethical standards as they work to save thousands of desperately ill patients waiting for an organ match, as underscored in recent reporting of innovative transplant experiments using genetically modified pig hearts. China’s transplant sector, unconstrained…