July 28, 2018 – With McCarrick, timing is everything

https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/column/with-mccarrick-timing-is-everything-3931 The timing of these revelations alongside the commemoration of one of the most polemical papal writings in the history of the Church – which happens to be about love and sex – is more than a coincidence for me. God, in his gift of free will, has allowed us to be utterly stupid about…


July 25, 2018 – Paul VI, John Paul II and Humanae Vitae

http://www.ncregister.com/blog/inesmurzaku/paul-vi-john-paul-ii-and-humanae-vitae …[D]uring the time of Paul VI, as now, the modern man was losing the sense of God. The concept of aggiornamento was mistakenly understood as an arbitrary change. Pope Paul VI did not stand for this kind of aggiornamento. Instead, he consistently promulgated Church’s teaching, preserving, continuing and transmitting the Tradition. This does not…


July 24, 2018 – Humanae Vitae in Light of the War Against Female Fertility

http://churchlife.nd.edu/2018/07/24/humanae-vitae-in-light-of-the-war-against-fertility/ “Easily obtainable sexual gratification from perpetually available women and girls: no scoundrel would have dared dream up this world simply delivered into his lap by Sex and the City ‘feminism.’ And what happens to a whole society when everyone agrees that the female body is better off sterile?” TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW . ….