China’s Forced Organ Harvesting Demands U.S. Response

Nina Shea & Katrina Lantos Swett RealClear Politics Original article American doctors go to great lengths to maintain the highest ethical standards as they work to save thousands of desperately ill patients waiting for an organ match, as underscored in recent reporting of innovative transplant experiments using genetically modified pig hearts. China’s transplant sector, unconstrained…


Forced Organ Harvesting in China: Human Beings as a Material Resource

Rick Plasterer Juicy Ecumenism July 29, 2022 Original article The practice of forced organ harvesting, in which in which persecuted religious minorities in China are killed for their vital organs, was the focus of two events at the recent International Religious Freedom Summit in Washington on June 29-30. In a preliminary event, Nina Shea, Senior…


CSI Appeals to UN for Genocide Prevention in Nigeria

Joel Veldkamp Christian Solidarity International July 27, 2022 Original article ZURICH – Today, Dr. John Eibner, the president of Christian Solidarity International (CSI), wrote to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urging the UN to fulfill its mandate to prevent genocide in Nigeria. Eibner also expressed his concern about the lack of a reply to a…


Testimony: China-backed cobalt mines in Congo exploit 40,000 child workers

Zelda Caldwell Catholic News Agency Jul 16, 2022 Original article China is exploiting children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, forcing them to work under hazardous conditions to mine the cobalt that powers electronic devices and electric cars, witnesses at a congressional hearing on human rights violations testified this week. “On the backs of trafficked…


Archbishop shines spotlight on abducted and abused minors in Pakistan

Vatican News July 14, 2022 Original article Archbishop Sebastian Shaw of Lahore in Pakistan is urging the international community to do more to address kidnapping, forced conversion and sexual victimisation of young people from Christian and other religious minorities in Pakistan. Every year 1,000 Christian and Hindu women and girls aged between 12 and 25…