June 2015 – Cheating Marriage: A Tragedy in Three Acts

This brilliant article by John C. Eastman presents as a tragedy play what is, in fact, a great tragedy.  The tragedy is twofold: (1) the failure of U.S. Courts to respect the institution of marriage between a man and a woman–an institution vital to all societies throughout human history–and (2) the complete disregard for the rule of law that was used as a means of overturning the Defense of Marriage Act.  The author cogently shows how this result was orchestrated by improper and unlawful collusion between the Justice Department and plaintiffs challenging laws.  If even the United States Justice Department will not defend DOMA, federal law, how can we expect state officers of the people to defend state laws with which they disagree?  In the end, it is hard to assess whether the loss of natural marriage between a man and a woman, rich in benefits toward children, or the loss of the rule of law will be more injurious to the United States of America.  Both are profound tragedies.